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Warrior Wellness is a trademark of Water Tiger School.

We work with companies and organizations that

 Are frustrated by the lack of success with the standard "squeeze ball" approach to stress and change management;

 Are troubled by time lost to sick days and low productivity;

 Are in a corner because of high turnover rates;

 Have concerns about rising health insurance costs;

 Have discovered gaps in colleague communication, team-building, and customer service skills;

 Have tried everything else and need something that doesn't look, feel, smell, or taste like anything else that's out there

If you face any of these challenges, you should know that you are not alone. Perhaps we can help

"T'ai Chi is the Roto-Rooter of exercise." Men's Fitness, September 2002

Shattering Stress

We throw a life preserver to people who are drowning in their workday.

How we do it isn't for everyone.

Forget what you think you might know about the slow-motion movement you've seen in your local park. We utilize the Chinese arts of T'ai Chi and Qigong as a unique approach to corporate wellness and to improving communication and problem solving skills!

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